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Is Your Business a Good Candidate for an HVAC Retrofit?

HVAC Inspection

Commercial and industrial structures require extensive equipment for climate control. Whether you have a package rooftop unit or chilling towers at your commercial building, HVAC equipment replacement can come with a hefty price tag. A complete cooling and heating system overhaul can seem overwhelming, both in terms of downtime and cost. For many HVAC industrial… Continue reading

Improving Your Industrial / Commercial HVAC Energy Efficiency

close up view on HVAC

Energy used for cooling and heating your facility often accounts for the largest portion of your utility costs. Commercial and industrial HVAC systems are put under extensive stress while providing indoor climate control and air quality. When your system is not working efficiently, energy costs rise, affecting your operating budget. There are ways that you… Continue reading

Creating a Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan

air conditioning system on the ceiling of an industrial building

The best way to avoid costly commercial HVAC repairs or replacements is with a routine maintenance plan. Just like keeping your vehicle’s engine maintained for better mileage and longer lifespan, maintenance can help you get the most from your HVAC system. At Aeras Building Solutions, we help our clients create and complete a maintenance plan… Continue reading

Troubleshooting Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

Industrial air conditioning units on a building rooftop.

In the middle of a hot Georgia summer, the last thing any business or organization wants is trouble with air conditioning. From office buildings and healthcare clinics to government buildings and warehouses, when commercial HVAC units fail, they can cause discomfort and downtime for your organization or company. At Aeras Building Solutions, we are here… Continue reading

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