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HVAC Inspection

Commercial and industrial structures require extensive equipment for climate control. Whether you have a package rooftop unit or chilling towers at your commercial building, HVAC equipment replacement can come with a hefty price tag. A complete cooling and heating system overhaul can seem overwhelming, both in terms of downtime and cost. For many HVAC industrial and commercial systems, retrofitting can be a more affordable and beneficial option.

Many different components can affect your HVAC efficiency and function. If you are experiencing fluctuating temperatures in various zones, uncontrolled humidity, or poor airflow, various retrofits can fix your problem without a complete system replacement. At Aeras Building Solutions, we provide complete inspections of commercial and industrial HVAC systems to find the source of dysfunction and provide an economical solution, which is often a retrofit or equipment replacement.

Good Candidates for HVAC Retrofits

Almost any industrial or commercial HVAC system can benefit from a retrofit or component replacement when ongoing problems occur. Good candidates for HVAC retrofits are businesses or organizations with an older system that is becoming problematic. If your building has a system that is a decade old or older, it is common for these HVAC systems to raise higher energy and repair costs. Air quality and climate control may also suffer, causing additional concerns among employees and tenants.

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Retro

Whether you need ductwork replaced or resealed or new controls installed, retrofitting your HVAC system has many benefits. What may seem like a big problem can often be remedied by updating a component or refiguring your system. An entire system is rarely going downhill at the same time. Cherry-picking the right components to replace can save your organization money and put less stress on the existing components. Some of the many benefits you can realize by retrofitting as needed include:

  • Extend HVAC Lifespan. Replacing components that are draining your energy and putting strain on your HVAC can extend the lifespan of your system. Upgrading components with more efficient options can reduce run cycles and add years to your equipment.
  • Lower energy costs. The instant gratification of improving your HVAC efficiency is lowered energy costs. This immediately benefits your budget and can pay for your retrofit over time.
  • Less downtime from repairs. Unexpected HVAC repairs can be costly, both for the service and productivity downtime. Proactive retrofits can help prevent emergency repairs and expensive downtime.
  • Budget control. Retrofits cost less than system replacements, both at the time of service and over the long haul. Plus, fewer emergency repairs will help to manage your budget and improve your bottom line.

At Aeras Building Solutions, we are your source for commercial and industrial HVAC retrofits in the greater Atlanta, GA, metro area. If you are experiencing HVAC inefficiency, frequent breakdowns, or unreliable climate control, contact our team to schedule an HVAC inspection and retrofit consultation.

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