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The Atlanta, GA, area has extensive government facilities, from city and county offices to state and federal buildings. Keeping these buildings climate-controlled is vital to ensure that every aspect of government work can proceed as planned. Aeras Building Solutions partners with all levels of government to maintain their facilities. We offer HVAC services for government offices and buildings throughout the Atlanta metro area.

Every government building is paid for by taxpayer dollars and energy efficiency is important for meeting budget goals. Commercial HVAC systems are needed to provide a comfortable environment for government employees and the communities they serve, but they can contribute to high energy costs if not properly maintained.

Aeras Building Solutions works with government building managers to create efficient HVAC systems that provide the air quality needed while minimizing energy costs. Whether it is installing newer equipment that is more efficient or preventive maintenance to keep existing cooling towers and air conditioning working, we can complete all levels of HVAC service.

Government Building HVAC Contractor

Are you responsible for maintaining the facilities within a government building in the Atlanta, GA, area? Let our team at Aeras Building Solutions make your job easier by providing high-quality industrial HVAC services. Our technicians are highly trained and work on the top brands of commercial HVAC equipment. We perform HVAC Installation for new buildings, as well as retrofits for existing HVAC systems. Our crews also are available for emergency repairs on your air conditioning or heating systems, including repair or replacement of boilers, cooling towers, chillers and all types of HVAC equipment.

Many government offices have extensive technical and data storage equipment that needs a climate-controlled environment. In the extreme Georgia heat and humidity, keeping buildings cool and dry is a priority. Aeras Building Solutions can create an HVAC service and maintenance plan to protect government equipment and data. We serve government entities in Gainesville, Newnan, Athens, Chamblee, Stockbridge and throughout the Atlanta area.

Keep your government building cool and comfortable during the hot Georgia summer and warm and dry during the winter. Aeras Building Solutions offers a full line of industrial HVAC services for government offices throughout the Atlanta, GA, metro area. Call us the next time you need service or HVAC installation for your facility.

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