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Climate control and air quality are important for all types of medical offices. Whether it is a multi-specialty clinic, dentist office, urgent care facility or primary care doctor’s office, having a reliable HVAC system is a vital part of managing any medical office. At Aeras Building Solutions, we offer professional medical office HVAC services to our clients in the Atlanta, GA, metro area.

Georgia can have extreme weather conditions that put extreme strain on HVAC systems. Medical offices require quality climate control equipment that can maintain a comfortable, clean indoor atmosphere for employees, patients and visitors to these facilities. Many medical offices also contain highly specialized and expensive equipment and medications that require temperature control.

Breakdowns of HVAC equipment can shut down a medical office, costing thousands of dollars for every hour the clinic is closed. At Aeras Building Solutions, we work with our medical clients to ensure they have HVAC systems and chillers that are meticulously maintained to avoid a shutdown of facilities due to HVAC failure.

Atlanta, GA Medical Office HVAC Contractor

HVAC maintenance should be a priority for any medical office building manager. Our team at Aeras Building Solutions offers professional HVAC services to keep medical offices climate controlled year-round while saving money on energy costs and HVAC repairs. We are an industrial HVAC contractor that has worked with many medical facilities in the Atlanta, GA, area, including clients in Macon, Peachtree City, Decatur, Newnan, Chamblee, Stockbridge and Griffin.

At Aeras Building Solutions, we perform all types of HVAC services, from installing new chillers and cooling towers to retrofitting HVAC equipment. We also perform routine preventive maintenance and emergency repairs, as well as HVAC automation services. If you need a full-service industrial HVAC contractor in the Atlanta, GA, area, you can trust our experienced team to manage your medical office’s system.

Keep your medical office’s HVAC system in top condition and avoid high energy costs or repairs. To learn more about our complete line of industrial HVAC services for medical offices, give our team at Aeras Building Solutions a call. We can help prevent HVAC failures, improve energy efficiency, and preserve the lifespan of your equipment – contact us today to learn more about our services.

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