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For over a hundred years, Carrier® has been known as a leader in the air conditioning industry. Willis Carrier, the founder, is considered the inventor of modern air conditioning, and he helped change the world with his technology. Today, Carrier is globally known as one of the top brands in HVAC equipment. At Aeras Building Solutions, we are proud to offer Carrier commercial HVAC services to our clients throughout the Atlanta, GA, metro area.

When you are looking for building solutions, you want to ensure you are investing in equipment that is built to last and provides the best value. Carrier has helped transform indoor environments all over the world with its innovative products. From chillers and split systems to outdoor packaged systems and building automation, Carrier has top-quality commercial HVAC products that are designed to provide healthy, comfortable indoor climate control for many years to come. Some of the core values of Carrier commercial HVAC division include:

  • Operational efficiency- HVAC operation contributes to one of the highest energy uses for building maintenance. Carrier offers highly efficient products that can reduce energy costs for maximum value.
  • Indoor comfort- The health and comfort of building occupants is a top priority for Carrier. They offer equipment that can improve air quality for the safety of anyone working or occupying your building.
  • Digital connectivity- Carrier commercial HVAC solutions utilize the latest options in digital connectivity. Automated products can be controlled from anywhere in the world and offer innovative options to evolve and improve.

At Aeras Building Solutions, we have experienced technicians that can install, retrofit and service Carrier commercial HVAC components for your office, healthcare center, manufacturing plant or any other commercial or industrial building.

Carrier AC Repair Contractors

If you have Carrier commercial air conditioning or other equipment at your business or organization, you can count on Aeras Building Solutions for repairs and preventive maintenance services. We serve the greater Atlanta, GA, area, including Griffin, Peachtree City, Decatur, Gainesville, Athens and the surrounding areas. When you need a fast repair or component retrofit, you can count on our experienced team to provide excellent service for your Carrier AC or HVAC system.

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