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Is your commercial or industrial structure a smart building or still using outdated HVAC technology? Building automation is no longer just for large enterprises – all sizes of businesses and organizations can benefit from HVAC automation. At Aeras Building Solutions, we are your source for innovative implementation of smart buildings. We offer commercial and industrial HVAC automation throughout the Atlanta, GA, metro area.

HVAC automation changes how you manage your climate control costs for your building. A cloud-based system gives you access to all your HVAC data and controls from anywhere you have internet. You can manage your energy costs, keep track of your system’s maintenance schedule and access diagnostic information.

Our experienced technicians and project managers at Aeras Building Solutions can perform an evaluation of your industrial or commercial building and recommend an automation and control solution. We have created automated HVAC systems for commercial buildings of all sizes, improving the efficiency and management options for our clients.

Industrial Building Automation Controls

Automation controls for HVAC systems transform your industrial and commercial structure into a smart building. Our team will give you the tools to utilize your new automation system to lower your energy costs while creating a better air environment for your building. With the data that is at your fingertips, you can reduce your overhead and improve the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.

Your HVAC system can be linked to your existing building automation or be operated separately. For many organizations, the investment into smart-building technology can save thousands of dollars per year, paying for itself over time. Plus, you will have the ability to create a healthier and more comfortable environment for your employees, vendors and customers. Aeras Building Solutions services businesses and industrial organizations in Peachtree City, Athens, Decatur, Macon and throughout the Atlanta, GA, metro area.

Make your commercial or industrial building “smart” with HVAC automation. To learn more about the many automation controls and cloud-based systems available, contact our team at Aeras Building Solutions. We can schedule an HVAC system consultation for your Atlanta-based business or organization.

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