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Keeping indoor commercial and industrial areas cool during the hot Georgia summers require quality HVAC equipment. From rooftop units (RTU) to extensive cooling towers, you need commercial HVAC experts to install, service, and repair your cooling system. Aeras Building Solutions are your source for commercial RTU and cooling towers contractors in the greater Atlanta, GA, metro area.

Cooling towers are used in many commercial and industrial buildings to help control the heat of water created within the air conditioning system. The evaporation of water can cool the system and recollected water is continually redistributed through the air conditioning units.

At Aeras Building Solutions, we install top-of-the-line cooling towers and replace parts as needed. Our technicians can perform preventive maintenance on your cooling towers or complete a retrofit service if needed. We can also perform inspections and evaluations to improve the efficiency of your unit, including decreasing your water use or loss. HVAC automation and advanced controls can maximize your cooling tower efficiency.

Commercial RTU AC Service

Whether you need a new commercial RTU installed or routine maintenance for your air conditioning system, you can count on Aeras Building Solutions. We have earned our reputation as one of the leading industrial and commercial HVAC contractors in the Atlanta, GA, area. Our technicians are trained to complete service on the top brands of commercial cooling towers and RTU HVAC systems. We can perform a complete energy analysis and assessment of your existing system to determine the best options to efficiently keep your building climate controlled during all seasons.

Air conditioning for commercial buildings and industrial facilities in Georgia is one of the most expensive components of building operation. An efficient commercial HVAC system can save thousands upon thousands of dollars per year. At Aeras Building Solutions, we can upgrade your system to incorporate the latest innovations in climate control and efficiency to reduce your operating costs.

Keeping your industrial or commercial facility cool and comfortable is vital for productivity and maintaining value. If you need commercial cooling towers or RTU contractors in the Atlanta, GA, area, contact our team at Aeras Building Solutions. We serve Decatur, Fayetteville, Gainesville and the surrounding areas in Georgia.

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