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Air quality is vital for all types of commercial and industrial businesses in the Atlanta, GA, area. Heat and humidity are common issues in our region, which is why you will see many buildings with PoolPak HVAC systems. PoolPak has built its reputation on providing efficient systems to remove humidity while maintaining comfortable air temperatures. If you have a PoolPak HVAC system in your building, Aeras Building Solutions offers PoolPak commercial HVAC services in Atlanta,

PoolPak is best known for its patented dehumidification systems that are designed for environments containing industrial indoor pools. Their systems are considered world-class and built to withstand corrosive environments. The naturally high humidity of the southeastern region of the U.S., including the Atlanta, GA, area makes it an ideal area to utilize PoolPak’s dehumidification and climate control technology. You will find PoolPak HVAC equipment in many buildings throughout Georgia and the southeastern seaboard.

At Aeras Building Solutions, we work with top brands of industrial and commercial HVAC equipment, including PoolPak. Our technicians are trained to provide quality services for our customers, ensuring that their HVAC equipment is kept maintained and running efficiently. If you have PoolPak air conditioning or other equipment within your facility, you can trust our technicians to provide repair and maintenance services. We are available for emergency component replacement and other HVAC services for all types of commercial buildings. We serve the following industries in the Atlanta, GA, area:

  • Government agencies and offices
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Medical, MRI, and surgical centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Commercial office buildings

No building is too large for our crews to install new equipment or retrofit existing systems. If you have PoolPak commercial HVAC equipment, you can trust our team for quick and efficient service.

PoolPak Commercial AC Repair Contractors

Air quality is a vital part of any commercial or industrial environment. If the AC system in your building is not working correctly, tenants, employees, customers and other occupants will be affected. For many businesses, air quality is vital for maintaining high productivity, especially when humidity and heat impact efficiency.

If you have a PoolPak commercial AC system that needs repair, Aeras Building Solutions is your source for fast repairs. Call us today to schedule your repair.

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