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Air quality is critical in medical centers performing surgery and other vital healthcare procedures. Patients and medical staff need clean, comfortable environments for the best environment for healing. At Aeras Building Solutions, we provide specialized HVAC services for surgery and MRI centers throughout the Atlanta, GA, metro area.

Climate control is important in any building in Georgia, but essential for medical facilities that have equipment that requires a cool, dry temperature to operate. HVAC systems must be well-maintained and run efficiently in surgical centers that use advanced imaging and other medical technology. An HVAC breakdown is unacceptable in any clinic that has patients trusting them to perform vital surgical procedures.

Aeras Building Solutions has dedicated our services to exclusively working with commercial and industrial clients, specializing in medical facilities. We partner with hospitals, surgery centers, MRI clinics and other healthcare entities to provide exceptional service for their complex and essential HVAC systems. Whether you need new chillers installed or a reliable preventive maintenance plan, you can trust our experienced crews to provide the highest quality of service.

Medical Facility HVAC Contractor

Surgical and MRI centers have equipment that generates a substantial amount of heat, which puts enormous stress on HVAC and ventilation systems. It is vital to have the best industrial equipment to control air quality and climate inside these facilities. Aeras Building Solutions has technicians with decades of combined experience working on industrial HVAC systems. We will be there if you need an emergency repair or when it is time to retrofit or replace any part of your HVAC system.

Aeras Building Solutions partners with medical facilities throughout the Atlanta metro area to provide repairs, preventive maintenance, new installations, energy analysis and assessments or HVAC automation. If you manage a surgery center in Peachtree City or an MRI center in Decatur, you can count on us for all your complex HVAC needs.

Do not trust your HVAC system to just any contractor. If you want the highest quality technical support for your medical HVAC system, contact us at Aeras Building Solutions. Find out why we are the company that medical centers in the greater Atlanta, GA, area call when they need HVAC and chiller services.

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