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In the middle of a hot Georgia summer, the last thing any business or organization wants is trouble with air conditioning. From office buildings and healthcare clinics to government buildings and warehouses, when commercial HVAC units fail, they can cause discomfort and downtime for your organization or company. At Aeras Building Solutions, we are here when you have commercial or industrial AC problems, but there are ways you can determine what is occurring before calling our team. Here are some troubleshooting tips for identifying commercial air conditioning problems which can help reduce the time needed for evaluation and repair.

Vent Blockages

Ventilation is critical for your HVAC system to work correctly. When a vent is blocked, your system can overheat and stop working. To determine if you have a blocked vent, you can have a building maintenance employee check your vents for debris or other objects blocking the airways. You may be able to fix the problem on your own by eliminating the debris. If there are more complex ventilation problems, you may need to call our technicians to perform a more in-depth inspection of your ventilation system.

Low Refrigerant

Air conditioning units require adequate refrigerant to perform effectively and efficiently. Commercial AC systems are under excessive strain to keep indoor air cool and dry during the hot, humid Georgia seasons. Refrigerant should not be low unless there is a leak, or your system has not been properly maintained. Some of the signs of low refrigerant include:

  • Air feels humid or sticky
  • Air conditioning is not performing at the desired level
  • Increased energy costs for cooling
  • Refrigerant is constantly needing to be “topped off” during maintenance

Refrigerant helps control humidity in the air – when it is low, your air quality will be diminished. Constantly adding more refrigerant will not fix the problem. You should have a professional inspection to determine if there is a leak or other issue.

Time to Change Filters

Filters are critical for cleaning the air and maintaining an energy-efficient commercial HVAC system. If your system’s airflow is poor or your energy costs are rising, it may be time to change your filters.

Part of owning or maintaining a commercial HVAC system is knowing when to call an industrial air conditioning repair contractor for service. If it is time to replace your filters, it may also be time for a complete tune-up with preventive maintenance to protect your equipment.

At Aeras Building Solutions, we perform maintenance, repairs, replacements and retrofits on all types of commercial air conditioning systems. If you have signs of air conditioning inefficiency, give us a call. We can send our crew to complete a thorough inspection and recommend the service needed to improve your HVAC’s climate control and efficiency. Call us right away if you notice signs of AC trouble – we serve the greater Atlanta, GA metro area for commercial and industrial HVAC repairs and replacements.

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