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Energy used for cooling and heating your facility often accounts for the largest portion of your utility costs. Commercial and industrial HVAC systems are put under extensive stress while providing indoor climate control and air quality. When your system is not working efficiently, energy costs rise, affecting your operating budget. There are ways that you can improve your HVAC performance to lower your monthly energy bills for your industrial or commercial facility. Here are some worthwhile investments to improve HVAC energy efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance and Routine Service

All HVAC equipment has preventive maintenance that is needed to help it perform efficiently. From cleanings coils and drains to inspecting belts, pulleys, wiring and other components, most HVAC maintenance should be completed at least twice a year. Changing filters and other components before they cause a breakdown can reduce downtime while helping keep energy costs down. Following the manufacturer-recommended service schedule can ensure the best efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.

Right-Size Your HVAC System

You do not want an HVAC that is either too small or too large for your facility. If your current system is too small or too large, you are likely wasting energy. It may be worth the investment to have components that are wrong-sized changed out. This can reduce energy waste from equipment that is oversized and strained equipment that is too small for your building.

Building Automation and Controls

One of the best ways to improve your HVAC energy efficiency is to carefully monitor use through advanced control systems. HVAC automation systems can give your building managers access to heating, cooling and air quality data that can streamline how to program your HVAC system. Automation allows your HVAC system to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world through internet access. With the latest controls, you can create a more efficient HVAC system that lowers your utility costs.

Energy Analysis and Assessment

To begin determining the best ways to improve your building’s HVAC efficiency, first call our team at Aeras Building Solutions. We offer commercial and industrial HVAC system energy analysis and assessments. Our technicians can complete a full inspection of your system and look at the energy usage. We can determine if there are upgrades that could improve your energy efficiency, from retrofitting and modernizing your system to resizing your equipment for your facility size and temperature needs. Building automation upgrades can also be performed to help better manage your HVAC energy use.

Your energy bills for your commercial or industrial facility may be higher than necessary due to an inefficient HVAC system. To schedule an HVAC energy analysis and assessment for your building in the Atlanta and Peachtree City, GA, area, call us at Aeras Building Solutions. We can perform a thorough inspection of your system and make recommendations for reducing your energy costs.

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