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When it comes to building energy costs, few systems contribute as much as heating and cooling. Commercial HVAC systems can skyrocket your building maintenance costs and greatly impact your budget. At Aeras Building Solutions, we are your source for productive HVAC maintenance for commercial and industrial systems to achieve higher efficiency. When you need a Macon, GA, commercial and industrial HVAC services contractor, you can trust us for repairs, maintenance, replacement and building automation.

From small commercial HVAC systems to giant, complex industrial applications, you can count on Aeras Building Solutions for your heating, cooling, air quality and humidity control needs. We work with all types of enterprises to keep their HVAC systems working smoothly and control their indoor climate. We understand that no organization wants downtime caused by HVAC problems. We work with the following entities in the Atlanta area, including Macon:

  • Government offices for federal, city, county, and state
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Manufacturing or processing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Medical facilities including surgical, MRI, and healthcare centers
  • Hospitals and medical offices

These organizations require efficient air quality control for the occupants of the buildings. Plus, mechanical equipment and computers need temperature control to function optimally. Our technicians can ensure your building’s HVAC system is properly maintained to maximize productivity and comfort for your facility.

Industrial and Commercial HVAC Retrofits

HVAC systems have evolved extensively over the last few decades. When newer technology becomes available, it can greatly benefit commercial and industrial systems to be upgraded. At Aeras Building Solutions, we provide commercial and industrial HVAC retrofits and equipment change-outs that can bolster your energy efficiency and optimize your air quality. Some of the equipment we can replace includes:

  • Cooling towers
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Split systems
  • Water towers
  • Package units

Every system we create or update is unique and customized for our clients. We are also building automation specialists to help you monitor and manage your HVAC systems for the best efficiency.

If you have a facility in Macon, GA, that needs commercial or industrial HVAC services, contact us at Aeras Building Solutions. We are your source for fast, reliable repair service and ongoing preventive maintenance for your system.

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