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Cooling tower at an energy generating plant

Cooling towers are an essential component of commercial HVAC systems. They are responsible for removing heat from the cooling water used in air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems and other industrial processes. The cooling tower accomplishes this task by using a combination of air and water to dissipate the heat into the atmosphere.

Aeras Building Solutions in Peachtree City, near Atlanta, offers routine maintenance and repairs for commercial cooling towers for numerous buildings and industries.

How Cooling Towers Work

Cooling towers work by using a process called evaporative cooling. The cooling water is pumped into the tower and sprayed onto a fill material, which is designed to increase the surface area of the water. As the water flows through the fill material, air is drawn in from the bottom of the tower and up through the fill material. This causes some of the water to evaporate, which removes heat from the remaining water.

The warm, moist air that is created by the evaporative process is then drawn out of the top of the tower by a fan. This air is then released into the atmosphere, and the cooled water is recirculated back into the HVAC system to continue the cooling process.

Types of Cooling Towers

There are two main types of cooling towers: open circuit and closed circuit.

  • Open circuit cooling towers are the most common type used in commercial HVAC systems. They work by allowing the cooling water to come into direct contact with the air. This results in some of the water evaporating, which removes heat from the remaining water.
  • Closed circuit cooling towers, on the other hand, use a heat exchanger to separate the cooling water from the air. The cooling water is pumped through a tube, and the air is drawn in over the outside of the tube. This creates a temperature difference that allows heat to be transferred from the water to the air.

Benefits of Cooling Towers

Cooling towers offer several benefits for commercial HVAC systems. They are highly efficient at removing heat from the cooling water, which reduces the workload on the air conditioning system. This can help to extend the life of the system and reduce energy costs.

In addition, cooling towers are relatively easy to maintain. They require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they are working properly, but they are generally low-maintenance compared to other HVAC components.

Atlanta, GA, Cooling Towers Contractors

Cooling towers play a critical role in commercial HVAC systems. They remove heat from the cooling water, which is essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. By understanding how cooling towers work and the benefits they offer, building owners and facility managers can ensure that their HVAC systems are operating at peak performance.

If your commercial HVAC system seems to have trouble cooling your facility, your cooling towers may need cleaning or repairs. Contact Aeras Building Solutions to schedule an inspection and diagnosis of your commercial heating and cooling system today.

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